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Virtual Bench as a Service

An elastic bench of flexible capacity and capability

What is VBaaS?

Illuminet offers an exciting and innovative subscription service, Virtual Bench as a Service (VBaaS), providing you with an elastic bench, which solves spikes in demand, or provides injections of IT expertise, just when you need it, giving you an elastic bench at your disposal. We can take that worry away and leave you to focus on driving your business forward.


We can deliver against any IT or Business change related requirement. You can access our extensive talent pool of experienced people to deploy in your business when you need additional capacity and/or capability. This provides you with the ability to fill the gaps in your organisation, which can scale up or down quickly and ensure that you are not delaying your business. It will allow you peace of mind, knowing you have a safety net.

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Easy to use

Simple call-off & onboarding, standard commercials, monthly service report & review.

Reduces Risk

Known & trusted bench of 1600+ experienced practitioners, outcome based, with a 1st Impressions Guarantee.

Cost Effective

Low cost annual subscription, discounted rate card and innovative cumulative discounts.

Meet Business Demands

Technical expertise that can be ramped up and down rapidly to meet ever-changing business needs.

Solve spikes in demand, injecting expertise just when you need it

Gain rapid access to delivery expertise through an outsourced outcome-based arrangement, with an agreed SLA and no need to interview. If you’re not happy with our consultant in the first week, you don’t pay for that week and we replace them.

Easy engagement

Pre-agreed terms and Onboarding Briefing document developed for any new starters.

Cost effective

Fixed rate card, discounted offerings, additional discount options for virtual working, concurrent engagement volume & longevity.

Rapid mobilisation

Simple SoW, only 3 working day SLA to mobilise one of 1,600+ practitioners, with no need for interviews.

Continuous Improvement

1 hour strategy review, Observations Report after 100 billed days, service reporting & reviews.

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