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Software Engineering Services

End-to-end software engineering from conception to customer.

What are our Software Engineering Services?

As part of our digital transformation offering, our Software Engineering service provides excellence in React, IOS and Android development, Generative AI, advanced data visualisation, and 3D modelling. We create seamless, high-performance mobile applications and websites using React and Ionic, ensuring your project is responsive, robust, scalable and user-friendly.


We integrate the power of Generative AI to innovate solutions that think, learn, and adapt, offering unparalleled personalisation and efficiency. We specialise in advanced data visualisation providing intuitive, interactive visual stories to enable insightful decision-making and data-driven strategies.


Because of the breadth of Illuminet’s consulting we can help plan your minimum viable product (MVP), design it, build it, test, deploy and manage it for you.

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On shore development

Our team of software engineers can work with your team both onsite or virtually, but always to hand here in the UK.

End-to-end Software Engineering

Leveraging our experience in digital transformation we offer services in Agile, UX/UI design, Architecture and Design, Platform Engineering, Development, QA, and Product Management.

Complex data & 3D interfaces

Our teams specialise in rich data storytelling, complex 3D for digital twin and AR, on the web and on mobile.

Generative AI Integration

We integrate LLMs (Large Language Models) in scalable, portable, enterprise-capable architecture, deploying leading technology solutions.

More about our Software Engineering Services

Expert software engineering services offering end-to-end solutions from conception to customer. Specialists in React, IOS/Android, Generative AI, data visualisation, and 3D modelling for dynamic, user-friendly applications and digital experiences.

Onshore Development Flexibility

Onsite or remote UK-based team ensuring flexible and accessible communication.


Comprehensive Engineering Solutions

From Agile and UX/UI design to QA and Product Management, we cover all phases of software development.
Advanced Data and 3D Capabilities


Expertise in complex data visualisation and 3D for digital twins and AR, on both web and mobile platforms.

Seemless Project Lifecycle Support

Guidance from MVP planning to deployment and management, leveraging broad consulting expertise.

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