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Illuminet actively participates and host of a variety of industry-leading events. Our involvement spans from attending thought leadership expos to hosting exclusive round table discussions, where industry experts come together for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. These intimate gatherings are focused on exploring specific challenges, discussing innovative technologies, and strategising their implementation in the evolving IT landscape. Alongside these industry events we also host and participate in a variety of environmental initiatives, such as an annual Make a Difference Day.

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Measuring Supplier Relationships in a SIAM Model image

Measuring Supplier Relationships in a SIAM Model

Many organisations look to move to a SIAM model in the hope that it will improve communication and collaboration with its suppliers, but, suppliers are driven by the behaviours and decisions made by organisations who have dictated that relationship in their contracts. So, how do you ensure the SIAM model does improve communication and collaboration, and you remove yourself from being another failing SIAM statistic?

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Biomni Acquisition image

Biomni Acquisition

We have great news, as Illuminet accelerates the company’s focus on helping organisations transform their business through the adoption and enablement of AI, we have acquired Biomni, a leader in innovative enterprise software solutions.

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SNG Success! image

SNG Success!

Our close collaboration with the SNG Team and our partner, Biomni, has enabled us to rapidly meet the core business requirements and achieve the imminent go-live of the software solution. This new Conversation AI tool establishes a robust platform that allows SNG to provide enhanced IT support and access to knowledge across the business whilst providing them with the in-house training and skills to be master of their destiny. 

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