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Illuminet Automate, your key delivery partner for all things Automation.

What is Illuminet Automate?

Illuminet Automate is not one thing. It’s not a technology, it’s not a tool, it’s not an approach or even a methodology and it’s definitely not just a team. Illuminet Automate is a mindset and a solution to today’s business problems.


Conventional process automation alone remains an attractive proposition, but the needs of businesses today demand more; Illuminet Automate’s Hyper-Automation delivery brings best in class technologies and tools together to create powerful solutions that not only solve classic process automation challenges but leverage Natural Language Processing and Generative AI to achieve a rounded, compelling, and powerful offering.


Add in a proven track record, a proprietary approach and methodology and an ‘automation first’ outlook, Illuminet Automate is more than a sum of its parts, Illuminet Automate is your key delivery partner for all things Automation.

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Data Quality

The additional accuracy gained from removing the ‘human factor’ combined with Generative AI for collation, summarisation, and validation increases the quality of your stored data.


Creating savings in the scale of multiple FTE’s is a common and regular benefit, there are unseen savings too such as Recruitment Deflection.


Creating automated links between disparate and ageing systems creates a more stable longevity for your Architecture, potentially removing the need for scaling or re-design.


The Employee or Customer Experience is often underrated. Leveraging Hyper-Automation improves both with rewarding effects in terms of morale, efficiency, output, and engagement to name a few!

More about Illuminet Automate

Illuminet Automate provides different channels of access to suit your business. Whether you are just starting your Automation journey or need some ongoing development support, through to end-to-end managed teams, we have the capability and experience to boost your offering and strategy.

IA Discover

We start the journey with you to discover the potential for process automation in your business, backed up by our unique methodology.


IA Enable

We provide full life cycle automation services, from initial Business cases through design, test and running software in a clients or cloud environment.

IA Assist

We provide experienced consultants to fast track the clients automation team, each with expertise on the chosen solution.


IA Accelerate

We apply a digital transformation approach using our Spin Cycle Framework to release the potential of Automation.


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