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Over the last few weeks we have made a number of important appointments as part of our ‘Levelling up for Q2’ plans. We are excited to be welcoming five fantastic people to the Illuminet family and we thought it would be nice for you to get to know them a little…


Steve WynneHead of Recruitment

I started my recruitment career working for Sthree. Building from scratch a contract recruitment desk in Project Management/ Business Analysts across the North East & North West of England covering Public Sector – Local Government & NHS. 

That’s where is all started for me and I haven’t looked back. Progressing my career over the years leading teams of contract recruiters in IT and Engineering agency side. I spent a while contracting myself as an Internal Recruitment Manager on the other side of the fence, so I understand both sides. My most recent position finished three years of being a Director of an Irish Recruitment Agency coveting IT & IT Sales. 

Illuminet for me is such an exciting project to be part of. The growth the company has delivered over the past few years is a credit to all involved and something to be super proud of. The opportunity to lead the recruitment division and build a sustainable business development function was just too good to turn down. 

An interesting fact about Stephen…

I was All Ireland Irish Dancing champion, Slip and Reel Jig at The mansion house in Ireland as a young boy. 

Ben Field – Recruitment Business Developer

I have been in recruitment for around 3 and a half years now starting out as a Resourcer and moving up the ladder to a full consultant. I have worked within IT Recruitment for the last 3 years both sales and technical in mostly Dublin and Europe and dealing with different languages and cultures throughout the time at my previous employer.

I got into recruitment due to wanting to start out a new professional career, due to having a long career in motorcycle racing (British championship level) and felt it was time to hang up the leathers and build a successful career. I consider myself as a people person and hope that I can continue to grow with Illuminet. I am really excited about the business and what they represent from their consulting and also their product line looks very interesting too. Happy to be a part of the team!

An interesting fact about Ben…

I have hit a tyre wall at approximately 90mph and apart from seeing double, still here today albeit a little bit of a looser screw than before!

Alison Munn – Senior Project Manager

I go by the name of Ali, although I use Alison Munn for business and my married name is Emmerson. I live in Deal, Kent with my husband Tony, Dog Ruby and we were recently joined by my 92-year-old mother. 

Way back in 1990, I set up 2 start-up companies in the motor industry. This started me out on the great adventure of technology and process. In 1998 I moved to Blue Arrow Recruitment to implement & manage various IT departments; including Y2K compliance (if you are under 30 you may need to look this up). Then in 2003 I went to Reuters and spent 10 years implementing and managing 9 more IT departments and processes across 92 countries. This is where I met Dave Smith. During the last 7 years I have been running my own consulting company which has given me the wonderful opportunity to work with Illuminet on projects for Guildford Council, LME, Barclays and NTTD.

I am passionate about Corporate and Social Responsibility, especially in the IT sector and I have been on a number of projects and committees looking to reduce waste by encouraging recycling, minimum packaging, sustainable sourcing and environmental electronic waste disposal. Illuminet’s environmental approach is therefore a big pull for me, as is John O’s enthusiasm and I am very excited to be joining the team on a full-time basis and helping Illuminet grow!

An interesting fact about Alison…

I have built 3 houses in Bangalore to keep families safe from abuse, whilst off-setting my business carbon footprint.

Tina Roberts – Senior Project Manager

A dedicated lead with vast amount of experience in global transformation programmes as well as years of experience leading and implementing IT and Service Teams across multiple company types including financial services with a ‘no nonsense’ approach to delivery. I am originally from Ireland and have lived in various locations such as Canada, Texas and California before coming to the UK in 2005 where I lived on the Isle of Wight, then Bournemouth, then London and more recently Cheshire.  Having consulted for Illuminet Solutions on a number of deliveries, I am looking forward to joining on a permanent basis and am excited to add value to the team.  The ethos, work ethic and dedication to charity is what drew me to illuminet and cements my commitment to the illuminet family. I am passionate about charity and look forward to getting more involved.  

An interesting fact about Tina…

I did my first driving license test in Texas, USA. What’s unusual about this was I did the entire test with the handbrake on and still managed to pass!

Maria Nunez – Consulting Director

My career started in the Financial Services Industry in Bournemouth at Chase Manhattan Bank in 1999 (covering the exciting Y2K (I feel that some of our super talented young team members need to Google this!). I started supporting Network Service Management team, responsible for the service from our Eastern Europe sub-custodians’ network in the asset’s custody business. Since then, I held various positions making it from Senior Graduate Analyst to Senior Vice President and being part of the huge merger between Chase & JPMorgan in 2001. I specialised on delivering change for the firm, front to back, across multiple LOBs and Functions, focused on both regulatory and business revenue growth/cost efficiency transformation programs. I held regional and global roles based in the UK and LatAm, which has given me an immense love for the world and a super-rich network.

At the end of 2018, having successfully led the delivered IFRS 9 across JPM Risk and Finance organisations, I decided to take a leap of faith and move into the consulting world in London to help clients with all the great experience I had gained at JPM across change, and spent almost 2 years at EY FS Advisory. It has been an eye opener and enriching experience, getting to know well other key players in the FS industry field, as well as the whole consulting world, where I learnt the end to end consulting cycle from go-to-market innovation and readiness, opportunity creation, pitching/orals, delivering and billing!

I am super excited about joining Illuminet. As with any lateral move there are always huge opportunities, and this is what makes it challenging and super interesting to be part of. Transitioning into a full time ‘Sales/Market Facing Role’ is a huge responsibility and honour. I believe there is a great space in the market to further penetrate Illuminet’s fantastic products and solutions offerings and enhance our brand and growth in the next few years. I certainly hope to add much value doing so. After just 24hrs at the company, I would like to say that am so impressed with the calibre of human capital, professionally and personally. So, I want to thank you all sincerely for making me feel so welcome!

An interesting fact about Maria…

I train 6 days a week, either swimming, cycling or running. Lately, more the latter as I am getting ready for my first marathon ever…. London! During the last 5 years I did various triathlon and duathlons, also representing Great Britain duathlon team internationally in my Age Group (no elite racing), and aiming to do so in September again, as I qualified last year.

Lastly, but the most important aspect of my life, I am a super blessed and proud Mum to Anita Zoe, who is flying the nest soon to conquer the Art Fashion world at UAL. She keeps me honest.

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