Virtual Bench

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Virtual Bench

Our Virtual bench is an exciting and innovative subscription service.

It enables you to access our extensive talent pool of experienced and capable people to deploy in your business.

What is it?

The service consists of an easy to read summary of our talent reducing the time you need to select your team. Our first impression guarantee removes the risk of a poor team fit and ensures that this risk stays with us. Our subscription service unlocks significant discount opportunities allowing you to manage your costs effectively.

Why is it important?

With ever increasing business demands to deliver more with less, the Virtual Bench provides injections of expertise just when you need it, with no risk and no fuss.  We can take that worry away and leave you to focus on driving your business forward.

What are the outcomes?

The Virtual Bench will provide you with the ability to fill the gaps in your organisation quickly and ensure that you are not delaying your business. It will allow you peace of mind, knowing you have a talent pool of great people ready to support you.

  Dell – Consultancy and Augment the team 

Global Service Delivery HR Consultancy (TUPE/ARD staff transfer), Service Transition Consultancy, Virtual Bench​.

Want to learn more?

Our consultants can provide more information and help you understand how this service can help you.