At Illuminet we strive to balance the growth and success of our business with our goal to offset our carbon footprint, to prove that it’s possible to deliver excellence to our clients, while also being ethical and ecological.
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Proud to be an eco-friendly consultancy

As part of our 10th Anniversary in 2019, we announced Illuminet’s Treevolution Initiative, including our litter pick-up events, convincing our office providers to switch to renewable energy and our partnership with Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust (YDMT) giving out wildflower seed packets and planting 1 tree per consultant per week, 5 trees per permanent position filled and 10 trees per Product delivery.  

We have funded the planting of over 3,700 trees! We aspire to be a business that gives back to the environment through the services and products we offer.

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"Your contributions help us to create a variety of woodlands across the Yorkshire Dales"

We promise to plant

1 tree per consultant per week
5 trees per permanent position filled
10 trees per product sold
Trees planted

Why do we do it?

Planting trees is one of the most important things you can do for the environment. Restoring native woodlands will help to;  

Absorb carbon and help to combat climate change

Create new habitats for wildlife and support biodiversity

Create natural spaces where people can relax and enjoy themselves

Protect the landscape against flooding and erosion and improve water quality

Restore part of our natural landscape that’s been lost due to deforestation

"Thanks to your ongoing support, our woodland work continues to create habitat for wildlife, whilst impacting on our environment and creating beautiful places for people to visit."
Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust

Work with us for a better future

Not only are we a unique consultancy company in our extensive experience, seasoned knowledge and unbeatable delivery capabilities, we also have a very large green heart. By working with us you will have the chance to make a difference to your business by trusting us to transform against your requirements, whilst helping make a difference to our planet as we promise to plant trees on behalf of the work we complete with you. A win win outcome for all.

We are actively working to reduce our carbon footprint

Striving to be a Greener Business

Making Greener Choices

There have been many corporate changes we have implemented to help reduce our carbon footprint going forward.
Our CEO convinced our office provider to switch to sustainable green energy for our head office in Poole. We also made the change to use a green web host solution for our IT.

Our Partnership with Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust

Tree Planting

Every purchase made by our clients supports our ongoing goal to plant 5,000 trees with our partners at YDMT.
Our US Team in Illuminet Inc. is working on finding a North American tree planting partner.

Make a Difference Team Days

Volunteering for a cleaner envrionment

Many of our team members both individually and as a team take part in giving something back to their local communities in make a difference days!
We are rather fond of gardening and litter picking to freshen up our local communities. Our litter picking also helps support our tree planting as we plant 1 tree per bag of litter we collect.

Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust

“We are so grateful for your ongoing support, and that you continue to be a part of the YDMT family”

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