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Group Marketing Director

We can now easily see how many leads haven’t been contacted, or how many quotes have been sent but not followed up… It helps us understand what’s happening within our sales team and manage them accordingly.




I just wanted to say how wonderful you have all been.  This project would never have seen the light of day if I hadn’t found you folks and the check, challenge, and professionalism you brought to it all.  I have extremely high hopes and confidence that this project is going to progress, and I sincerely hope you can be part of that development soon.

IT Director

Our new service desk digital assistant is a great example of how we are leveraging AI technology and insights to improve our IT service. By increasing self-service opportunities, we will save 16000 hours of productivity across the business, enabling our colleagues to spend more time delivering services to our Customers … I’m delighted that this new technology is providing increased learning opportunities for our team. They will have more time and space to support colleagues

AIDA (Tenjin) User E

I am really impressed with the level of service I received after logging an issue via AIDA. It was quick and easy, responded to same day and received my new equipment the next time I was in office.

AIDA (Tenjin) User D

Very Very Very very (did I say Very!) impressed at the speed my IT ticket was created, catogorised and processed by IT. Instant email confirmation with ticket number (as well as through AIDA) Contact from IT within 5 mins and now resolved. Guinness book of records for that one 🙂

IT Change Director

A huge thank you … real team effort with everyone pulling together to make this successful. This is just the start, and we need to keep the momentum going to change how our users interact with us.

AIDA (Tenjin) Users A,B & C

“This is bloody clever”


“Whoever did this is a genius”


“It makes life so much easier”


ACRO Criminal Records Office Logo

ACRO wanted expertise, innovative, challenging yet supportive thinking in order to transform our business processes. The Illuminet team have ignited ACRO’s ambition for excellence and provided a road map for how it can be achieved.


Ageas Logo

We have been working with Illuminet, using their Virtual Bench as a Service (VBaaS). We have made use of services to provide specific expertise or to augment our capacity. We have worked with experienced, knowledgeable individuals who have settled in quickly, getting to grips with the challenges faced and adding value across a variety of projects and programmes.

Guildford Borough Council

Guildford Borough logo

Illuminet… worked in a truly collaborative way to make the project successful. In parallel to the business case development Illuminet also supplied a number of technical resources to support service… Illuminet have consistently delivered high quality people and outcomes to me. Based on my experience over a number of years in a wide variety of engagements I would have no hesitation in recommending them.