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SNG Customer Success Story

We’re excited to work in partnership with SNG (formerly Sovereign Housing Association) to implement a transformational Expert Digital Assistant – Tenjin™, delivering key business benefits and an exceptional colleague experience.  

Our close collaboration with the SNG Team and our partner, Biomni, has enabled us to rapidly meet the core business requirements and achieve the imminent go-live of the software solution. This new Conversation AI tool establishes a robust platform that allows SNG to provide enhanced IT support and access to knowledge across the business whilst providing them with the in-house training and skills to be master of their destiny. 

Powered by the innovative Tenjin™ Conversational AI solution, with its Knowledge Network, LLM AI, and Conversational Workflows, we have fully integrated with Microsoft Teams and the client’s ITSM platform. 

The tool enables colleagues to quickly self-help and self-resolve issues to find answers to “How do I …”, “What’s the policy for …”, “What’s the process to …” questions at any time of the day or night, all from a simple Teams chat interface. Where further support is required, the tool can automatically raise support requests, with the added ability to escalate when urgent. 

More than just boosting efficiency, it accelerates colleagues’ ability to focus on their work, improves service responsiveness, increases quality, and eliminates the reliance on telephony and email channels for initial contact.

We’re hugely grateful for the opportunity to work closely with the SNG Team to realise their visionary ITSM Strategy, simplifying systems and processes to give customers the service and experience they need and expect.