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Change & Transition

End-to-end project & change delivery

Business Change and Transition

Impactful change: simplicity, agility, value.

Our Change & Transition Offering

We offer global end-to-end project delivery, focusing on business efficiency to accelerate change on a time & materials or outcome-basis for projects of any size. We have extensive experience across sectors and domains to roll-out, upgrade, consolidate or transform people, process or technology for your business. We adapt to your business needs, injecting our own best practices to maximise your success. Our end-to-end support covers all aspects of project management, from inception to implementation. We collaborate with your teams to ensure a seamless delivery.

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Meet Business Demands

An expert team is rapidly mobilised to meet your business needs.

Flexible pricing and approach

Time & Materials or Outcome-Based, using established industry methodologies, infused with our best practices.

Business efficiency by design

Accelerated change with innovative approaches, boosting business efficiency and team engagement.

Seamless project delivery

Efficient delivery end-to-end, avoiding overruns and our commitment to transparency and flexibility.

Impactful Change and Transition

Impactful change with rapid mobilisation, transparency, agility, value and guaranteed results. Our end-to-end project approach prioritises business efficiency. Our seamless collaboration and commitment to excellence ensures your success.

Easy engagement

A simple Statement focuses on the key outcomes you need, we then shape the team to deliver the best value and outcome.

Pricing Model

Time and Materials or Outcome-Based, with clear, simple assumptions and dependencies, and no hidden costs.

Innovative approaches

We can align to your preferred methodology, bringing collaborative and innovative approaches to maximise your success.

Global Capabilities

Illuminet has expertise and the scalability to rapidly mobilise specialists across 40+ countries.

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Software Engineering

Building Innovative Solutions

Software Engineering Services

End-to-end software engineering from conception to customer.

What are our Software Engineering Services?

As part of our digital transformation offering, our Software Engineering service provides excellence in React, IOS and Android development, Generative AI, advanced data visualisation, and 3D modelling. We create seamless, high-performance mobile applications and websites using React and Ionic, ensuring your project is responsive, robust, scalable and user-friendly.


We integrate the power of Generative AI to innovate solutions that think, learn, and adapt, offering unparalleled personalisation and efficiency. We specialise in advanced data visualisation providing intuitive, interactive visual stories to enable insightful decision-making and data-driven strategies.


Because of the breadth of Illuminet’s consulting we can help plan your minimum viable product (MVP), design it, build it, test, deploy and manage it for you.

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On shore development

Our team of software engineers can work with your team both onsite or virtually, but always to hand here in the UK.

End-to-end Software Engineering

Leveraging our experience in digital transformation we offer services in Agile, UX/UI design, Architecture and Design, Platform Engineering, Development, QA, and Product Management.

Complex data & 3D interfaces

Our teams specialise in rich data storytelling, complex 3D for digital twin and AR, on the web and on mobile.

Generative AI Integration

We integrate LLMs (Large Language Models) in scalable, portable, enterprise-capable architecture, deploying leading technology solutions.

More about our Software Engineering Services

Expert software engineering services offering end-to-end solutions from conception to customer. Specialists in React, IOS/Android, Generative AI, data visualisation, and 3D modelling for dynamic, user-friendly applications and digital experiences.

Onshore Development Flexibility

Onsite or remote UK-based team ensuring flexible and accessible communication.


Comprehensive Engineering Solutions

From Agile and UX/UI design to QA and Product Management, we cover all phases of software development.
Advanced Data and 3D Capabilities


Expertise in complex data visualisation and 3D for digital twins and AR, on both web and mobile platforms.

Seemless Project Lifecycle Support

Guidance from MVP planning to deployment and management, leveraging broad consulting expertise.

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Virtual Bench

Rapid access to over 1600 experts

Virtual Bench as a Service

An elastic bench of flexible capacity and capability

What is VBaaS?

Illuminet offers an exciting and innovative subscription service, Virtual Bench as a Service (VBaaS), providing you with an elastic bench, which solves spikes in demand, or provides injections of IT expertise, just when you need it, giving you an elastic bench at your disposal. We can take that worry away and leave you to focus on driving your business forward.


We can deliver against any IT or Business change related requirement. You can access our extensive talent pool of experienced people to deploy in your business when you need additional capacity and/or capability. This provides you with the ability to fill the gaps in your organisation, which can scale up or down quickly and ensure that you are not delaying your business. It will allow you peace of mind, knowing you have a safety net.

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Easy to use

Simple call-off & onboarding, standard commercials, monthly service report & review.

Reduces Risk

Known & trusted bench of 1600+ experienced practitioners, outcome based, with a 1st Impressions Guarantee.

Cost Effective

Low cost annual subscription, discounted rate card and innovative cumulative discounts.

Meet Business Demands

Technical expertise that can be ramped up and down rapidly to meet ever-changing business needs.

Solve spikes in demand, injecting expertise just when you need it

Gain rapid access to delivery expertise through an outsourced outcome-based arrangement, with an agreed SLA and no need to interview. If you’re not happy with our consultant in the first week, you don’t pay for that week and we replace them.

Easy engagement

Pre-agreed terms and Onboarding Briefing document developed for any new starters.

Cost effective

Fixed rate card, discounted offerings, additional discount options for virtual working, concurrent engagement volume & longevity.

Rapid mobilisation

Simple SoW, only 3 working day SLA to mobilise one of 1,600+ practitioners, with no need for interviews.

Continuous Improvement

1 hour strategy review, Observations Report after 100 billed days, service reporting & reviews.

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Enterprise, Solution, and Technical Architecture

Architecture Solutions

Empower your Business Transformation with a holistic approach to Architecture

Architecture on Demand

Our Architecture on Demand Service offers a comprehensive set of architectural artefacts tailored to help organisations navigate complex technological landscapes. We specialise in providing all the architectural work products that serve as blueprints for IT strategy, aligning technology infrastructure with business goals to drive efficiency, innovation, and growth. These include detailed models of current and future state architectures, governance structures, and roadmaps that guide digital transformation initiatives.


How does it work?

By leveraging our approach, organisations can achieve a holistic view of their IT environment, enabling informed decision-making and streamlined processes. Our bench of experts collaborate closely with clients to understand their unique challenges and objectives, ensuring that each artefact delivers tangible value and supports the achievement of strategic outcomes. Whether you are looking to optimise your IT operations, embark on new technological implementation, or enhance system interoperability, our Architecture on Demand Service provides the foundational insights and frameworks necessary for success in today’s digital era.


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Baseline current
IT Architecture

In depth discovery, evaluation, documentation and communication of your current architectural landscape.

Improve Engagement

Strategic and operational alignment through real life business architecture to align your Enterprise Architecture with your business capabilities, now and through your transformation roadmap.

Domain & thought leadership

Expert specialists and domain knowledge driving best practice and adoption of the best solution implementations for your business needs.

Robust Architectural Governance

We bring your whole architecture team up to speed and ensure that architectural services align with your change process.

More about our Architecture Services

Achieve strategic alignment, innovation, and growth through comprehensive architectural blueprints and expert guidance.

In-depth Current Architecture Analysis

Thorough exploration and documentation of your existing IT environment for enhanced understanding and strategic planning.


Business and Architecture Alignment

Facilitates seamless integration of business and IT objectives, ensuring coherent growth and transformation strategies.


Domain Expertise and Thought Leadership

 Access to leading specialists and best practices for optimal solution implementation tailored to your business needs.


Strategic Roadmapping for Business & Digital Transformation

Guidance on navigating digital transformation with future-state architectures and governance structures to streamline processes and decision-making.

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Want to understand how our Architecture services would work for you? Our Architecture subject matter experts are on hand to provide you with everything you need to make the decision.

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Intelligent Automation, Data, and AI

Innovative Business Process Automation

Illuminet Automate, your key delivery partner for all things Automation.

What is Illuminet Automate?

Illuminet Automate is not one thing. It’s not a technology, it’s not a tool, it’s not an approach or even a methodology and it’s definitely not just a team. Illuminet Automate is a mindset and a solution to today’s business problems.


Conventional process automation alone remains an attractive proposition, but the needs of businesses today demand more; Illuminet Automate’s Hyper-Automation delivery brings best in class technologies and tools together to create powerful solutions that not only solve classic process automation challenges but leverage Natural Language Processing and Generative AI to achieve a rounded, compelling, and powerful offering.


Add in a proven track record, a proprietary approach and methodology and an ‘automation first’ outlook, Illuminet Automate is more than a sum of its parts, Illuminet Automate is your key delivery partner for all things Automation.

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Data Quality

The additional accuracy gained from removing the ‘human factor’ combined with Generative AI for collation, summarisation, and validation increases the quality of your stored data.


Creating savings in the scale of multiple FTE’s is a common and regular benefit, there are unseen savings too such as Recruitment Deflection.


Creating automated links between disparate and ageing systems creates a more stable longevity for your Architecture, potentially removing the need for scaling or re-design.


The Employee or Customer Experience is often underrated. Leveraging Hyper-Automation improves both with rewarding effects in terms of morale, efficiency, output, and engagement to name a few!

More about Illuminet Automate

Illuminet Automate provides different channels of access to suit your business. Whether you are just starting your Automation journey or need some ongoing development support, through to end-to-end managed teams, we have the capability and experience to boost your offering and strategy.

IA Discover

We start the journey with you to discover the potential for process automation in your business, backed up by our unique methodology.


IA Enable

We provide full life cycle automation services, from initial Business cases through design, test and running software in a clients or cloud environment.

IA Assist

We provide experienced consultants to fast track the clients automation team, each with expertise on the chosen solution.


IA Accelerate

We apply a digital transformation approach using our Spin Cycle Framework to release the potential of Automation.


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Fast-track outcomes

IT Business Transformation

Measurable business improvement at pace, or your money back.

Our Transformation Offerings

We believe in results, not man hours, so we have taken our consultancy  expertise and packaged it into a set of consulting service products, backed by reusable toolkits, which deliver results within 90 days.


For many challenges facing business today, clients would benefit from a set of fast-paced, innovative, ‘out of the box’ solutions. Taking delivery all the way through from inception to benefit realisation. We have therefore developed a number of unique ‘90 Day’ business transformation products to deliver measurable improvements in areas such as service enhancement, productivity increase, risk reduction and process optimisation.


Our highly skilled facilitators support the use of these products and help develop an ‘in house’ knowledge base. This, alongside the transformation, builds a culture of continuous improvement, using our tools without additional external consultancy.

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Upskilled Home Team

We support the use of these products and help develop an ‘in house’ knowledge base.

Continuous Improvement

Our toolkit can be used beyond our facilitation to engender a culture of continuous improvement with tried and tested methodologies.


We deliver a packaged experience in 90 days, maintaining pace, enthusiasm and making change sustainable for your business.

Money-back Guarantee

We are so confident in our ability to deliver success so that you see results, we offer a money back guarantee with each product.

Our Spin Cycles

Our Spin Cycles form our unique IT product portfolio of fixed term, fixed price, transformative consultancy packages.

Now to Wow

Our Now to Wow methodology focuses on the transformation of the product or service and creates energy, enthusiasm, and ownership along the journey, treating digital transformation as iterative and cyclic rather than a one-shot exercise.

Risk Radar

Our Risk Radar methodology is a unique, approach designed for CIO, CISO and Risk leaders to drive better risk discovery and understanding of the IT risk profile as well as provide the tools for clear prioritisation and action planning.

Productivity Accelerator

The Productivity Accelerator Solution is our unique methodology designed to clearly define what level of productivity is being achieved, how it can be measured and how it can be systematically improved.


Process Improvement

The Process Improvement Spin Cycle is a fast paced 13-week project that uses 9 unique approaches to see processes in different ways, allowing focus on the most significant issues that will bring the greatest improvements!

Rapid Improvement

If you have a clear goal and need highly skilled expertise to shape and deliver a project, but don’t have the availability of the right staff, or want to avoid paying for 3rd parties to deliver it, then consider a fixed price project.

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