Reshaping Today for a Better Tomorrow

As we begin to roll into our sixth month of social distancing, washing our hands with soap and water for at least twenty seconds, wearing a face covering in public, cleaning and disinfecting frequently touched surfaces, we are seeing lockdowns lifting, employees heading back to their offices, and millions of students returning to school.  We must continue to make every effort to embrace the many changes to protect ourselves, our family, friends, co-workers, as well as anyone we come across in public. 

Businesses must also adapt and implement change to survive the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic and the ever-changing world.  IT Leaders must prepare for the unknown by shifting their priorities, revisiting their security protocols, changing their risk mitigation strategies, revising their IT strategies, and consider using automation to increase productivity.  With the help of Partners like Illuminet, the pressure to successfully implement these tasks is achievable.

At Illuminet, along with our core team, we are fortunate to be working closely with over twenty Associate Partners, as part of our Associate Partnership Program, in addition to our broader Virtual Bench of +1200 known and trusted practitioners.  These Partners and Practitioners provide Illuminet with a greater breadth of insight into the latest IT and business challenges and innovations, so that we can shape and offer effective solutions to deliver positive change.  Their many years of experience include strategically improving and reducing organization costs, risk reduction, IT change and customer success transformation, service design & management, just to name a few. 

We recently welcomed our first North America Associate Partner, Rick Harriman. Rick’s extensive background in IT service strategy and delivery will help Illuminet’s clients thrive and succeed during these hard times. 

Rick and I have already started to strategize on five important questions IT Leaders should consider, to start the recovery now and to come out stronger than ever in 2021!

Question One: Are your current strategies fit for the future? 

Question Two: Can you identify and implement changes that must be made to support the business?

Question Three: Do your processes ensure optimal productivity? 

Question Four:  Are your systems/technologies secure?

Question Five: Are your employees able to do their jobs effectively, without performance or technical issues?

With this “new normal” in place, businesses must review their priorities and adapt accordingly to our changing environment.

We will eventually overcome the threat of Covid-19, but not without a trail of unfortunate destruction and failed businesses.  Businesses that take positive action quickly will be the ones to survive and thrive!  It can feel like an impossible task to adapt Digital / IT Strategies to meet the current challenges while also being futureproof.  Furthermore, to ensure change can be delivered effectively, to streamline and automate processes (where appropriate) to minimize cost and maximize scalability to meet the inevitable peaks and troughs in business and to ensure the whole organization have a productive digital experience, whether in the office or working remotely, IT leaders must take action immediately.

It is time to reshape today for a better tomorrow! If you need assistance or would like to discuss how to act on these strategic questions, contact us at:

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