Process Improvement Spin Cycle​
Revamp processes to speed up and optimise fulfilment. The Process Improvement spin cycle is a fast paced 13 week project that uses 9 unique approaches to see processes in different ways, allowing focus on the most significant issues that will bring the greatest improvements!

What is it?

This repeatable methodology delivers optimisation to the most important system your people use daily to achieve their job tasks: processes. Seen from a fresh perspective, processes are now cleared-up and steps are validated or improved to ensure user satisfaction, efficient fulfilment and more importantly excellent customer service.

This Spin Cycle challenges the “status quo” of existing processes to ensure no resources are wasted nor actions are missed. It reviews tasks and cleans-up problem areas by addressing long standing issues to optimise efficiency, speed and cost of fulfilment. 

9 unique approaches to Process Improvement

Typical challenges

How we respond

Processes become less efficient over time leading to hidden costs and slower fulfilment.

We map out the processes and identify the inefficiencies. By reducing these we speed up fulfilment and reduce the costs.

Processes are not defined or documented leading to inconsistent service to customers and reduced customer satisfaction.

By defining and documenting the processes we can identify where inconsistencies lie and therefore improve customer satisfaction.

Processes drift in terms of scope and objective leading to extra work being done that does not add value to the organisation.

By focusing on the objective of the process we can remove unnecessary steps and ensure that resources add value from end to end.

People lose track of how they can contribute to the end result leading to poor hand-offs between teams and additional rework.

By understanding the expectations of each team in working through the end to end process we can improve hand offs between teams and reduce rework and waste.

Business Outcomes

Greater user and customer satisfaction

Optimisation of current processes to achieve ideal efficiency

Reduction / elimination of “waste” areas, e.g. duplication, over-processing etc.

Realignment of resources for maximum work efficiency


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