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90 Day Now to Wow! Cycle

Now to Wow! is a service product and toolkit for CIOs and IT leaders to transform their service operation and build a practical realistic transformation roadmap within 90 days.

A 90 Day structured Approach

The seven-step methodology creates a structured approach to facilitate and amplify team creativity to think creatively, embrace new ideas and bring them to life in a solid achievable plan. Everything’s ‘in-the-box’ and based on the common principles of fixed price, timebound and repeatable processes that are results-driven and easy to deploy.

Why is it important?

With the pace of technological change, IT Services need to evolve effectively in order to take advantage of new technologies. Your teams are experts at what they do. Transformation projects fail when they do not engage effectively with stakeholders and when they do not have a clear plan and roadmap. Now to Wow! consolidates Illuminet’s experience and success in IT service transformation and packages it so that you can use it.

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Our consultants can provide more information and help you understand how this service can help you.

Typical challenges / How we respond

Inspiring and engaging operational people to think creatively and innovate. By taking teams beyond  operational issues, getting them focused on future outcomes to define what Wow! looks like.

Addressing strategy when operational issues are front of mind. By combining operational issues into the methodology and building them into plans.

Fulfilling customer expectations and listening to the team. By facilitated expectations exchange between all  stakeholders, including  management, customers, providers and users.

Translating creative thinking into practical roadmaps and plans with real results. By using an idea to planning methodology and templates to bridge the gap between idea and action.

Delivering achievable change within a viable timeline, and proving large scale changes are taking place ahead of final  deliverables. By constructing plans to  provide interim service  improvements as stepping stones to the final Wow!

The benefits of our methodology are:

Energise and rejuvenate tired or flagging services or products

Deliver a transformational strategy and roadmap, and Wow! statement

Achieve quick wins during the 90-day Spin Cycle

Create an iterative and repeatable process for  transformation

What you get:

Lift and Drop Project Plan

Easy-to-use Guidebook

Timebound  and Fast Paced

Ready to Go Templates


Financial Services Sector ConsultingInterim Management and Now to Wow!

Example: During an interim management assignment we ran a ‘Now to Wow!’ exercise on the Support and Service Desk areas. We transformed these areas from teams that were seen as poorly performing to a world class function that became a showcase for the company. The teams had the highest attrition in the company, morale was low, there was a backlog of 5500 open tickets, requests were going unfulfilled. We eliminated the backlog of open tickets, reduced attrition by 50%, improved morale (in the staff satisfaction we moved the teams from the lowest to highest scoring in the company), we improved fulfilment processes – in many cases by 50% or greater, we built a Support Centre that looked fantastic and delivered improved working practices and collaboration and was used by sales to show clients just how good the company was.

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