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90 Day Spin Cycle™

Illuminet’s Spin Cycle service products provide a 90 day consultancy and toolkit for CIOs and IT leaders and their teams. We are so confident that you will get results we offer a money back guarantee with each.

Why Packaged Consulting from Illuminet

Illuminet has 10 years of experience in providing consultancy, with a virtual bench of over 1000 specialists, and over 200 ex-C Level executives. We believe in results not man hours, so we have taken our expertise and packaged it into a set of consulting service products, backed by reusable toolkits, which deliver results within 90 days.

Illuminet Products

We recognise that for many challenges facing business today, clients would benefit from a set of fast-paced, innovative, ‘out of the box’ solutions taking delivery all the way through from inception to benefit realisation. We have therefore developed a number of unique ’90 Day’ products to deliver rapid improvements in areas such as service enhancement, productivity increase, risk reduction and business transformation.

Our highly skilled facilitators work with the client during the initial cycle to support the use of these products and help develop an ‘in house’ knowledge base. This provides the ability to extend utilisation of these products throughout the organisation and engender a culture of continuous improvement, without the need for additional external consultancy engagement to maintain and develop.

Productivity Accelerator

The Productivity Accelerator Solution is our unique methodology designed to clearly define what level of productivity is being achieved, how it can be measured and how it can be systematically improved.

Now to Wow!

Our Now to Wow! methodology focuses on the transformation of the product or service and is creates energy, enthusiasm and ownership along the journey, but considers transformation to iterative and cyclic rather than a one shot exercise.

90 Day Risk Radar Spin Cycle

Our Risk Radar methodology is a unique, approach designed for CIO, CISO and Risk leaders to drive better risk discovery and understanding of the IT risk profile as well as provide the tools for clear prioritisation and action planning.

90 Day Rapid Improvement Spin Cycle

With resources often limited, our Rapid Improvement Spin Cycle is a time bound solution, a sprint rather than a marathon, that delivers tangible results which are quantifiable and easy to assess. 

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