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Helping the environment has never been so important. We are seeing the impact of climate change and pollution on a daily basis in our news these days. It is vital that we all help and act to improve the planet we live on. It can be confusing on how we as individuals can help and it can seem overwhelming. We mustn’t let these feelings prevent us from taking action.

There are some no brainers in helping the environment that pretty much everyone is agreed on – planting more trees and picking up litter from our countryside and seaside. What I love about these actions are that they are within our ability to do and have an immediate impact. Trees absorb carbon, help wildlife, reduce flooding and make us feel better! Reducing the litter polluting our streets, countryside and washing into the ocean improves habits for wildlife, helps nature and also makes us feel better!

At illuminet we plant a tree for every week every one of our team work on a client site. We want to boost the number of trees this year and are holding an exciting event on the 5th April, the Illuminet Litter Sprint to combine litter picking with tree planting! We will get out and pick up ten thousand pieces of litter from the environment and get sponsorship to raise money for a thousand broad leaf native trees to be planted. A spring boost for the environment!

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