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The Illuminet Group Acquires Biomni to Accelerate Innovation and Transformation in AI-enabled Technology Solutions

We have great news, as Illuminet accelerates the company’s focus on helping organisations transform their business through the adoption and enablement of AI, we have acquired Biomni, a leader in innovative enterprise software solutions.

Biomni has created 2 innovative products; Tenjin and JobR.

Tenjin is a transformational expert Digital Assistant and Conversational AI solution. The solution rapidly delivers organisation-wide benefits and exceptional Employee Experience through the use of AI, focused on knowledge and harnessing data.

JobR mitigates risk by continually monitoring, remediating, and reporting on your backup processes across multiple platforms and vendor environments through a single pane of glass.

These products and the Biomni team add great capability to our automation and consulting services, delivering Business Efficiency to our clients.

Learn more about the acquisition and what this means for us and our clients by reading the article below. 

Illuminet CEO Greg Wood (right) welcomes Biomni’s CEO, Angus Gregory (left), to the Group.
Illuminet CEO Greg Wood (right) welcomes Biomni’s CEO, Angus Gregory, to the Group.