Illuminet 10 Year Anniversary

Our party in Shoreditch marked the end of our ten year celebrations. It was lovely to see so many of our friends at our Poole and London celebrations and it reminded us what a journey our ten years has been! 

We started out in 2009 with four partners and £20 each to invest and we worked from a shed! We now employ over 100 people across 8 countries have three offices in Poole, Birmingham and Basingstoke and hope to achieve our £20m revenue run rate target this year.  When we look back, we have met so many great people and have had the privilege of working on so many interesting and diverse projects – target operating model designs for major banks, interim management for major middle-eastern banks, service improvement for UK police forces, service transitions in China, Russia, Europe, South America and Singapore, project management in a Dutch dairy company and data centre reviews in Brussels to name a few. We have built up a network of people we know and love to work with, now numbering over 1200 people globally, have launched four unique products and have recently agreed a partnership with CSI in the UK and Virtech in Australia. When we look forward we are setting our sights high with expectations to continue our growth and launch more exciting products. We will continue to cherish our clients and hope to continue to win more clients. Exciting times ahead!

Transparent Illuminet colour
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