End User Analytics​
Enhance the way you support your workforce by machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms, our End User Experience Analytics service uncovers workplace insights that understand user needs and behaviour.

This allows for an optimised employee experience by adopting technology that offers real-time device performance and maintenance to empower anywhere operations.​

A Holistic View on End User Experience

Remote working has risen in both popularity and necessity, but with it comes inherent technological challenges that can threaten employee productivity, collaboration and overall satisfaction. The Digital Experience Optimiser allows your remote workforce to thrive by offering reliable digital tools and proactive IT support solutions to support a sustainable optimised end user experience.

Ensure Readiness
Verify your remote infrastructure compliance, and quickly analyse and test critical components such as device encryption, VPN health and application versioning status before, during, and after your remote working transition.
Manage the Remote Experience
Include remote workers in your overall metrics to gain a 360˚ view of their end user experience and easily drill down to granular data for lightning-fast issue diagnosis. With this employee-centric insight, ensure employees can collaborate effectively, stay productive and have a great digital experience.
Maintain Critical Service Performance
Gain real-time insight into your employees’ most important productivity and collaboration tools and services. Leverage dashboards, metrics and remote actions to track and fix device, network and application performance issues.
Engage with Employees
Send out targeted campaigns to gather sentiment insight, enable employee-self-help or drive awareness campaigns. Ensure your employees are satisfied with their current digital experience and monitor their overall remote working morale.

AI Based User Analytics

Performance Analytics

Predictive Maintenance

Self Help

Advanced Service Desk

Virtual Assistant and Chatbots

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