Change Management and Adoption​
There is no shying away from the fact many business are being forced into dynamic workplace change. In this world of rapid transformation and remote working we encourage that businesses consider the ‘people’ element of change management and adoption at the forefront of their projects. Or else risk seeing their investment fail.​

Change Management and Adoption that prioritises your people and the way they work

Change management and adoption is the key driver that puts a focus on your people and the way they work. A lot of organisations fall into the trap of thinking a project is complete once a new technology is deployed, without testing over time that the new technology is properly adopted. We ensure this mistake is never made. 
Our project delivery services within the Dynamic Workplace space can provide you with a robust structure and approach to support you in preparing, planning and adopting new technologies and ways of working to ensure that this change is sustainable. In simple terms, Illuminet experts can help you end-to-end prioritising your employees happiness and welfare, whilst maximising the benefits of change.

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Together with our ecosystem of partners and associates, we have extensive knowledge in the Mergers and Acquisitions space. Our years of experience working with our colleagues and partners on various  M&A projects allows us to capture and share our successes in our “Mergers, Acquisitions, Divestitures, Closing the Gaps” Expert Webinar Series. Most importantly, for this series we are joined by our colleagues and partners to discuss the various aspects for a successful M&A programme from Employee Experience to the importance of the People and HR aspect of M&A. 

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