Data Masking with DataVantage
As you consider upgrades to your current data management software, DataVantage Data Masking Express™ masking-only functionality runs alongside your existing software suite, saving you time and money.

What is it?

DataVantage DME™ gives you the data masking you need with flat-rate, subscription pricing. It runs alongside your current data management software to help prevent data breaches. With a huge increase in working from home and the continuation of offshore development, the danger of losing customer trust due to a data breach is more of a challenge than ever before.

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How it works

Data Replacement: Unique and Non-Unique
Replaces an existing column or data field with randomly selected data from a VSAM dataset. Users can select different values from multiple datasets. For example, one dataset can replace National Insurance Number fields, while another can replace Name fields.
Credit Card Masking
Preserves the beginning digits of the number and randomises the remaining digits.  Calculates a Modulo-10 Luhn check digit which will result in a valid credit card number.
Date Adjustment
Modifies character Date fields in multiple formats and within a user-specified number of days, forward or backward in time.
Replaces all or some of an original value with a selected character OR replaces all or some of an original value with random characters of the same type (alpha with alpha, numeric with numeric).
API: User-provided Data Masking Functionality
Provides users with the capability to create their own specialised masking rules.

30 Day Trial of the DataVantage Data Masking Express™

Are you interested to see how the DataVantage DME can secure your data masking / data management capabilities? 

We are offering a 30 day trial of the fully functioning DataVantage DME tool including the installation process and training. Let the data masking experts help you:

Typical challenges

How we respond

IT executives feel budget constraints.

DataVantage DME is a single tool that masks data for Db2, IMS, and VSAM, and runs alongside your current data management software.

Data masking implementation is typically a long and tedious task.

In a single-step, DataVantage DME subsets, extracts, and masks data during the Copy process, never leaving your data in the clear.

Executives are worried their corporate data is at risk.

Direct Computer Resources’ DataVantage™ enterprise software solutions manage and anonymise data to help meet GDPR requirements for de-identification of personal data using anonymisation techniques

Development/Test teams require realistic-looking data.

DataVantage DME anonymises all major data types. This flexibility gives you realistic-looking data which acts and processes exactly as if it were production data — without the security risk.

What are the outcomes?

Affordable, flat-rate subscription pricing for Db2, IMS (or both).

Protects production data for non-production uses like DevOps, Testing, Analytics, Training, and more.

Helps meet data privacy requirements for PII, PHI, PCI DSS, GDPR, and more.

Installs and trains as an application program in a single day.

Jeff, AVP Senior Technical Manager, Global Insurance Company 

I have used DataVantage my entire 35 year IT career. It is a powerful, yet simple set of tools that has boosted my speed and productivity while keeping the data secure. The people at DCR have provided great customer service and are a pleasure to work with. Without question I would wholeheartedly recommend their products for your data needs.

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